Programmatic SEO Case Study: An Example of How to Dominate Your Niche’s Keywords

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Programmatic SEO and UGC can yield tremendous benefits for brands seeking to optimize a business’s online presence. Both strategies rely heavily on high-quality content and engaging visuals.

I was wrapped in a project that used them in tandem and it was majestic! IT DEFINITELY created momentum and keyword domination and simultaenously developed a more intricate yet personalized narratives around the product.

The Challenge

Baseline organic traffic and crawled pages before programmatic seo

The social brand started as a blog in Squarespace in 2020 then it added two subdomains (both on a Firebase server and host) to cater to the social platform (mobile app) and a niche-specific database that they put up to help their brand grow. (You can click images to expand)

The brand was a great programmatic SEO example of a strategic implementation as they were about to bulk create new content and did not get a penalization by the then rolled out, Helpful Content Update by Google (September 2023).

Their blog and subdomains has decent traffic when it was first crawled for audit (2022) but are not organically ranking for their niche’s important keywords and both subdomains has potential keyword accommodation due to the amount of keyword-rich content produced everyday on their social feed + their niche-related database.

The Solution

  • A website audit showed needed technical and on-page optimizations.
  • Rearchitecture of their pages and subfolders to maximize the use of their user-generated content.
  • A number of quality content after keyword research were created using long-tail keywords to gain traffic and rank them on the first page.
  • Intensive keyword research was also done to rank low-hanging keywords and monopolize ranking for their database content.
  • Framework was created for programmatic content creation for their database.

The Results

SEO optimizations, folder restructuring and web migration helped take advantage of their user-generated content to rake in traffic and rank for their niche’s keywords. Currently they get an estimate of a little less than 1M Traffic for the 1 million+ pages that they have.

The programmatic content creation framework continued to create more pages for their database that also continued to help them gain traffic and dominate keywords that they have intended to do for their brand. You can notice from the graph above that there was a great increase in crawled pages from May to August that signals the indexing of their newly created content using the content creation framework.

You might be wondering.. “so what’s in that framework?

While they have a great team of developers and people on the back end to implement content creation at scale, the great backbone of its implementation is having a solid keyword research and a simple content outline. You might even be surprised that one can use a Google sheet to batch create the content!

Major Takeaways from this Programmatic SEO Case Study

So the what can we take from this?

Utilizing programmatic SEO in conjunction with trustworthy and keyword-rich user-generated content can help companies optimize their outreach efforts and enhance their brand perception by facilitating widespread sharing among various communities (and even strengthening one’s backlinks!)

Implementing programmatic SEO and UGC strategies effectively requires adequate knowledge, organization, and dedication. When executed correctly, businesses can significantly improve the opportunities they create while avoiding wasted time on unsuccessful attempts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do the same for my website?

Every website has a different need and while programmatic SEO can be really helpful, I would still need to do an initial audit of the site to determine if this strategy is what you need.

You can set up a call/email exchange with me for a free consultation.

What did you actually do on this project?

I did the initial audit, monitoring, on page, and technical SEO optimizations before the migration and bulk content creation.

I was in charge of the keyword research and creation of the content template for bulk content creation. I also created a working demo consisting of a google sheet sample for the database for content. The developers and back end engineers rolled the process out on their own with the Google Sheet’s tables and output as a guide.

Were you in charge of the web migration?

No, the developer and back-end engineer were the ones responsible for the migration. If you have migration concerns, do connect with me for further information.

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